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Sailor's Carol

Words: Charles Causley; Music & Arrangement Gordon Bok

Kate Barnes of Appleton, Maine, sent me this poem. After thinking about it for a couple of years I spent the corners of a winter working out this tune and arranging it for the chorus. The Quasi Modals, of course, helped me sort out the problems (we're still working on that part.)

Gordon and Quasi Modal Chorus.



Lord, the snowful sky

In this pale December

Fingers my clear eye

Lest seeing I remember


Not the naked baby

Weeping in the stable

Nor the singing boys

All round my table.

Not the dizzy star

Bursting on the pane

Nor the leopard sun

Pawing the rain

Only the deep garden

Where green lilies grown

And the sailors rolling

In the sea's blue snow.


Sailor's Carol is recorded on the album Schooners