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Faraway Tom

1987 Dave Goulder, Robbins Music


Dave says "when I was living in Wester Ross (Scotland), Tom was an illusive character, a tramp, who did off work here and there. You'd never get a good look at him; he'd flit between buildings at dawn and dusk. A lot of us identify with people like that, perhaps even envy them, but ultimately it must have been a bleak life."

Gordon adds "Dave will be glad to know I finally got the tune right."


Gordon- 12-string guitar


When the calendar brings in the cuckoo

And the summer comes following on

Then the thin mists of day see him running away

And they know him as Faraway Tom.


The earth is his bed and his pillow

And his sheets are the clothes he has on

He sleeps all afternoon then he's hunting the moon

Till it rises for Faraway Tom.


He sees the fox leaving his follow

And he knows where the badger has gone

He watches the fawn in the sheltering thorn

But they don't see Faraway Tom.


He knows nothing of letters and learning

And of manners and such he has none

But he numbers the seasons on fingers and toes

As they pass over Faraway Tom.


But what of the winters to follow;

Will age and cold winds bring him down?

For where can he lie when the snow fills the sky

And the years tell on Faraway Tom?



Faraway Tom is recorded on the album In the Kind Land and is also in the songbook the january man