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        Bright Fine Gold



        Because of the New Zealand gold rush in the 1860s, the Tuapecka River in Otago Province became the richest place in New Zealand.  The results were the same as other hold rushes; mostly misery and poverty.  I think that Phyl Lobl from Victoria, Australia, taught it to me when she came to Maine many years ago.


Gordon- small viol


            Spend it in the winter or die in the cold

            One apecka, Tuapecka, bright fine gold.


                        Bright fine gold, bright fine gold.

                        One apecka, Tuapecka, bright fine gold.


            Some are sons of fortune, and my man came to see

            But the riches in the river are not for such as he.


            Two little children lying in bed

            Both of them hungry, Lord, they can't raise up their heads.


            I'm weary of Otago, weary of the snow

            Let my man strike it rich and then we'll go.



Bright Fine Gold is in recorded on the album In the Kind Land