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The Bressay Lullaby

The Shetland Folk Book Vol. 1


Noted down by Mrs. E.J. Smith, Sandness, Shetland, from her mother's singing.

This wasn't exactly the way I learned it, but it's the way it was set down in Norman Buchan's little book "101 Scottish Songs" ( 1962 Wm. Collins and Co., Glasgow and London.)


Gordon- small viol


Baloo balilly, baloo balilly, baloo, balilli, baloo ba


Gae awa peerie fairies (3)

Fae oor bairn noo.


Dan come boannie angels (3)

Ta wir peerie bairn.


Dey'll sheen ower da cradle (3)

O wir peerie bairn.




The Bressay Lullaby is recorded on the album In the Kind Land