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All My Sailors

Words & Music 1992 Gordon Bok, Timberhead Music

Sailing an old boat back to Maine last year, I was reminded of the many people who have helped me over the years. Not just the older friends who tried to give me their wisdom and the skills to stay alive, but all those others too, whose company makes it so worth living.


The first boat I put out to sea

I didn't know where that boat was going

All I want was away from here and all I knew was keep on rowing

The first boat I took out to sea

I wouldn't have none to sail with me

None to row and none to tow and none to stow my cargo down.


But I come a rollin' through the calm

And all my guiding stars were gone

There was three old sailors by my helm, tell me I don't sail alone.

One named Peter, one named Saul

And one don't claim no name at all

One to sing and one to haul and one to heave me when I fall.


When I stumble on the reef

I've got three good sailors take my grief

One to sail and one to bail and one to hold me when I wail.


So when the wind comes stavin' more

I won't need to run for harbor

I don't need to reed and tack 'cause I don't need to bring her back.

And fog and foul or fair and free

Its all the flamin' same to me

Cause all the good hands ever sail are rollin' down my weather rail.


And when I come for makin' land

I've got three good sailors to my hand

One to stay and one to pray and one to lay this anchor down.

And if I hoist my sail again

Come in sun or go in rain

All the sailors in the sea come hand and haul and steer with me.

One to row and one to tow and one to ease me when I go.

One to row and one to tow and one to heave me when I go.



All My Sailors is recorded on Schooners and is also in the songbook One to Sing, One to Haul