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February Tapes, Vol. I:
Good Is That Which Passeth

For several years in the 80's, Gordon and friends got together to combat mid-winter doldrums by making music together and recording it for each other. Those tapes were too good not to share so these two great albums were assembled in 1992--a sampling from those early tapes. To be included, a song must meet one or more of three criteria: cheerful, so miserable it makes you laugh, or anything that takes you away from February. Highly recommended for long road trips.

Cassette tape special - get all five titles for the price of two.
Play of the Lady Odivere
Cold as a Dog and the Wind NE

February Tapes, Vol. I
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What's included:

Good is That Which Passeth: Buena Es la Que Va
Father Goodbye
Sandwood Down to Kyle
Chicken Gumbo
Mhic Iarla Nam Bratach Bana
For the Love of Willy
Little Beggarman
The Wreck of the Bay Rupert
Planxty Fanny Poer
Good is That Which Passeth.
Conch Ain't Got No Bone

More Weather
Cup of Tea
Curtains of Night
Weehawken Ramble
Priggish Tom and Piddily Pie
Hoe Down All Them Weeds
Singing Bear
Ancient Music
Donkey Engine Song

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