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One to Sing, One to Haul:
A Gordon Bok Collection

A lovely songbook of traditional and recent compositions--his and others'--accompanied by poems, illustrated by Gordon's woodcarvings and drawings, and each work introduced with care, like a good friend. 120 pages. Even if you don't read music, this book makes an excellent keepsake for Gordon Bok fans.

You'll get the songbook Hey Rain! free if you purchase Gordon's two songbooks One to Sing, One to Haul and Time and the Flying Snow at the same time.

One to Sing,  One to Haul
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What's included:

Against the Moon
All My Sailors
Another Bay
Archie, Take Your Boots Off
Bay Saint Mary
Beaches of Lucannon
Boat of Silver
Boats of Peter's River
Bok and the Moon
Captain Dave's Delight
Carmina Gadelica
Chall Eilibh
Entrained Water
Fiddler of Dooney
Good Wish
Gordon's Fancy
Gordon's Farewell
Harbors of Home
Harp Song of the Dane Women
Hearth and Fire
Ho-ro, the Wind and Snow (Jericho)
Karl Edstrom and the Hesper
Lily o' the North
Liza Jane
Long Life to the Moon
Mattapoisett Harbor Inventory

McKeon's Coming
Mussels in the Corner
Northwest Airt
Old Fat Boat
One for the Taber
Pearly (Little Red)
'Poem' for Jerry Rassmussen
Rory Dall
Schooner Fred Dunbar
Season to Season
Shipyard Boat
The Bird Rock
The Gift
The Kind Land (Serinam)
The Ledge-End of the Fiddler
The Schooner Ellenmore
The Sea Wife
The Shepherd's Call
The Ways of Man
The Wreck of the Schooner Ellen Munn
Turning of the Year
Wild Birds
Wiscasset Schooners
Woodworker's Litany
You Who Have Found Your Face

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