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Gordon Bok and Cindy Kallet, (almost) neighbors in midcoast Maine, bring you an excellent collaboration of their talents. These two highly creative artists and superb instrumentalists have performed together a number of times and it is our good fortune to have a collection of some of their favorite songs, including "One for Winter" which they wrote together.

Digital album (choose Digital CD from the drop down menu) and individuals songs available directly through Cindy Kallet's website. Pay the artists directly for your digital versions!

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What's included:

Rantin' Laddie
Homeward Bound
Danze Della Valle Borbera/Danze di Bagolino
Right Said Fred
October Song
Janko (Yanka)
Blood on the Sails

Farewell to Nova Scotia 
King Jim/Thanxty Al Stanley
Frolic (for Guitar and Small Elephant) 
High Barbary
Peace on Earth
Sergei's Yupanqui Tune
One for Winter/Colrain
Padstowe Chantey

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This album available through Cindy Kallet

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