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Cold as a Dog and the Wind Northeast

Wonderful ballads of the Maine coast written by the great Maine poet and novelist, Ruth Moore, and told by Gordon in his deep, rich voice. These are good stories, often humorous, and full of the language and lore of Downeast. Excerpt from the Book: "We was hauling traps outside one time, When it come on a howling blow--Cold as a dog and the wind northeast, Thicker un tar with snow." Gordon first reprinted this gem of a book by his friend, poet and novelist Ruth Moore, in 1973. Delightful tales created by the most powerful writer of Downeast people's lives to date.

Sorry, the book is now out of print and no longer available

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Play of the Lady Odivere
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Cold as a Dog and the Wind Northeast
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What's included:

The Ballad of The Night Charley Tended Weir
The Ballad of Long-Gone Jones
The Ballad of Willy

The Ballad of The Three Green Waves
The Ballad of Tryphosa's Husband
The Ballad of The Mermaid

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