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Morningtown Ride

“Soon after my first grandchild Otto was born in 2012 I felt the need to make a CD for him to help at bedtime. Initially it was going to be just a family project called “The Music from Papa, Sleep Tool”; both of my grandchildren Otto and Saskia are lulled asleep by my singing, even over the telephone! So I worked out some songs and wrote a few more and it was such a wonderful collection that I decided to put it out there in the world. Many of our friends’ children and grandchildren have also enjoyed it . I recorded many of the songs at the Rowboat Studio in Thomaston, Maine.” ~ Bob Stuart

Morningtown Ride


What's included:

Zippidy Do Da
Strawberry Rhubarb Pie
Waltzing with Bears
Peekaboo Lew
Wee Wee Tot
Chu’n Gum

Morningtown Ride
Little Black Cat
This Christmas Day
Bethie's Baby Boy
Girl with the Blueberry Eyes
Fleet is off to Dreamland
Oh Jono

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