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Sea Songs and Chanteys

“I had become interested in sea lore and songs as a young musician. As a child growing on the water, I always loved sailing and imagined what life was like for those sailors in the past. Throughout my life as musician they have remained a mainstay of my musical expression. The images of the sailors fighting the elements and each other always intrigued me, and the songs I sing express the rich tradition of the sea and struck a chord in my musical life. There is nothing like being on a schooner under full sail with the wind and salt air in your face and singing “I thought I heard the Old Man say, there is work tomorrow but no work today…” “Sea Songs and Chanteys” was recorded in the studio of Limin music in Northport, Maine.” ~ Bob Stuart

Sea Songs and Chanteys


What's included:

Poor ol’ Rubin Ranzo
Rolling Down to Old Maui
Jon Kanaka
Roll the Woodpile Down
Mobile Bay
Sedric and Me
The Jolly Roving Tar

New York Girls
The Marco Polo
The Handsome Cabin Boy
The Eddystone Light
Haul Away Joe
The Shoals of Herring

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