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Bring Out the Banjo

"This album is a hidden gem and is no joke! This is a collection of banjo tunes and songs I composed with the banjo a few years ago. They were recorded by local musician and sound engineer Gary Clancy. Some of the tunes were the work of John Burk who, during the early ‘60s, was a pioneer in setting some of the traditional songs in a form easily accessible to the neophyte banjo student. This album is not just for the banjo aficionado, but for anyone who enjoys the sweet tang of traditional and bluesy rhythms.” ~ Bob Stuart

Bring Out the Banjo


What's included:

John Jeffer’s Jig
Dancing on a Lily Pad
Lark in the morning/Lark on a Lark
Sandy River Belle
Restless Rag
Sail away Ladies
Ragtime Annie

Rattlesnake Mountain
Beasties in the Sugar
Shake it Sugaree
The John H. Leavett
Bill Cheatum
The Young Man Who wouldn’t Hoe Corn
Mole in the Ground

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