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Song of the Lady Odivere

Truly a folk opera, this epic ballad set to original music by Gordon Bok is the ancient, tragic tale of a Lady who loves a seal-man.

Featuring an ensemble of eight singers and instrumentalists, including 'cellamba, harp, hammered duclimer, flute, and whistle; narrated and performed by Gordon Bok, Ann Mayo Muir, Euclid Hanley, Bruce Boege, Will Brown, Ann Dodson, Carol Rohl, and Paul Schaffner.

Gordon found this version of the tale of Lady Odivere written in the "Norn" dialect, collected in the Orkney Islands in the 1800s by Walter Traill Dennison. The legend itself may well be older than that.

originally released in 1989 as Play of the Lady Odivere remastered and re-mixed for release on CD in 2013

Song of the Lady Odivere


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