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Because You Asked

"These are some of the songs you have requested, or asked me to record. You'll note the preponderance of chorus songs; I'm always proud that you and I are part of a singing tradition... local friends are filling in for you on this recording. Here you go, then, and thanks for asking." ~ Gordon Bok

"With more than 45 years honing his art, Gordon Bok remains one of folk music's greatest treasures. His voice pours over this newly recorded collection of 16 of the most requested selections from his repertoire like the finest of warm mead: deep, thick and rich. As you might expect, the recording mixes traditional songs with classic Bok originals and fantastic "borrowed" songs that are sweet fixtures in Gordon's songbag. The recording is beautifully and simply done, with just Bok and guitar, backed gently by a terrific chorus of voices that beckon the listener to join in on the infectious choruses." ~ Mark. D. Moss; Sing Out! Magazine; Jan 1, 2013

Because You Asked


What's included:

Isle au Haut Lullabye
Broken Down Squatter
My Images Come 
Changing Times
Easy and Slow
Go East

Jock Stewart
Old Fat Boat
A Song for Angela
Turning Toward the Morning
Luz de la Luna 
If I Was a Dog 
Walter's Garden
Jenny In the Roadstead 

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