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New in our store -
Bob Stuart CDs

Hello, Folks
Here is something you might not know about. One of our local heroes, and an old ship-and-stage-mate of mine, Bob Stuart, has lost his ability to perform these days, much to our collective sorrow.
However, he has amassed an impressive collection of his own recordings over the years, with a variety of material from traditional to contemporary and his own originals.
We are offering these CDs for sale here until he gets his own website. I am happy to think that some of you can get to enjoy the lovely voice and the lovely man who has enriched our soundscape here for so many years.
~ Gordon Bok

Bring Out the Banjo
Hang On Jon
Morningtown Ride
Rainbow's End
Sea Songs and Chanteys
Songs For Elizabeth
Bob Stuart receives 100% of sales from his CDs


Cassette Tapes: $3.00
Order any two and receive the other titles free.

February Tapes I; Play of the Lady Odivere;
Gatherings; Neighbors;
Cold as a Dog and the Wind Northeast

CDs for $9.99:

Under the Sky;  What a Singing There Will Be
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Timberhead Music is a small publishing company that produces the written and recorded music of Gordon Bok. This music store lists all of Gordon's many recordings as well as his songbooks, as well as all the recordings of the trio Bok, Muir and Trickett. Please note: some CDs are now available only in digital format, and some of the older CDs are available through Folk-Legacy's website. We provide links for easy access. In addition we offer a handpicked selection of albums from some of Gordon's many folk musician friends.

Gordon Bok Lyrics

Upcoming Gordon Bok Concerts

Fri Apr 28: Rockport, ME: 7:00 pm

 Gordon Bok, Bob Zentz, John & Ellen Gawler, Bob Stuart, Nick Apollonio
$20 per person. Tickets available through our office or online through Paypal here:

Gordon's latest release

Then and Now

Then and Now

"Here's a bit of a landmark: selections from my first commercial recording in a New York Studio, and tracks from sessions at home - 50 years later. Peggy Seeger wrote "I am old, I am young, I am all that I've been," and it's true that all the songs I have sung have guided my life and are still a part of me.
So here are songs (and tunes) from that 1965 album, some recently made or learned, and some old songs recently visited. Carol says it feels like thumbing through a musical photo-album.
After all, now wouldn't have have ever gotten here if it wasn't for all that then, eh?"
                          ~Gordon Bok

To order, browse the albums below by clicking on "view albums" in each category. Click "Read more" for individual album details, song lists, and samples. We accept all major credit cards, or if you prefer, you can print out an order form and send it to us with a check. If you'd like to carry any of these albums and books in your store, please contact us for wholesale prices. Thanks for supporting independent artists!

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Timberhead Music books

Ruth Moore

Cold as a Dog and the Wind Northeast  

Cold as a Dog and the Wind Northeast
Wonderful ballads of the Maine coast written by the great Maine poet and novelist, Ruth Moore. More »

Gordon Bok

Songs in the Wood  

Songs in the Wood
This thirty page full color booklet/brochure features many of Gordon's beautiful woodcarvings along with some of his poetry and songs. More »

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J.B. Goodenough

Bury the Blackbird Here  

Bury the Blackbird Here
Before she died, Judy Goodenough asked Gordon to publish her last book of poetry. More »


Bill Scott

Hey Rain!  

Hey Rain!
This collection of songs, photos and notes, first published in Australia in 2002, is full of the heart and humor of a very special man. More »


Timberhead Music songbooks

Gordon Bok

One to Sing,  One to Haul  

One to Sing, One to Haul
A lovely songbook of traditional and recent compositions - this treasure is a true work of art in every sense of the word. More »


Time and the Flying Snow  

Time and the Flying Snow
Gordon's first songbook, published by Folk Legacy in 1977, contains 44 favorite (early) Gordon Bok songs. More »

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Oh I Am Calling  

Oh I Am Calling
Choral Sheet music: a cappella, for SATB chorus.
More »

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Choral Sheet music: Also known as Windcalling Chant or Windcalling Blessing, this beautiful choral music is for SATB and guitar. More »

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Featured folks music album

Sea Songs and Chanteys
Sea Songs and Chanteys
By Bob Stuart
“I had become interested in sea lore and songs as a young musician. As a child growing on the water, I always loved sailing and imagined what life was like for those sailors in the past. Throughout my life as musician they have remained a mainstay of my musical expression. The images of the sailors fighting the elements and each other always intrigued me, and the songs I sing express the rich tradition of the sea and struck a chord in my musical life. There is nothing like being on a schooner under full sail with the wind and salt air in your face and singing “I thought I heard the Old Man say, there is work tomorrow but no work today…”
“Sea Songs and Chanteys” was recorded in the studio of Limin music in Northport, Maine.”
~ Bob Stuart
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