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Hello, Folks
Here is something you might not know about. One of our local heroes, and an old ship-and-stage-mate of mine, Bob Stuart, has lost his ability to perform these days, much to our collective sorrow.
However, he has amassed an impressive collection of his own recordings over the years, with a variety of material from traditional to contemporary and his own originals.
We are offering these CDs for sale here until he gets his own website. I am happy to think that some of you can get to enjoy the lovely voice and the lovely man who has enriched our soundscape here for so many years.
~ Gordon Bok

Morningtown Ride
a charming collection of singable lullabies and other songs to soothe and entertain your babies and grandbabies. Bob Stuart receives 100% of sales from his CDs

CDs for $9.99:

What a Singing There Will Be
Timberhead Music Store

Timberhead Music is a small publishing company and the recording label (since 1990) for the music of Gordon Bok.
What's New here: Timberhead Music will be transferring all the albums on this label to the Smithsonian Folkways. It's good news because they will maintain and preserve Gordon's musical legacy! They will be re-releasing all the albums we've let go out of print. Soon everything will be available both in physical and digital format through them, right alongside his earlier albums recorded on the Folk-Legacy label. Smithsonian Folkways Please give them time to process this transfer of ownership.

In the meantime we will continue to sell what inventory we have.

To all our UK customers and fans:
I am sorry to tell you as of Jan 2021 we are ending the shipment of all merchandise sales to the UK because of the new VAT (value added tax) requirements. Thank you very much for your patronage.

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Back in stock! Time and the Flying Snow

Originally published by Folk-Legacy, this amazing songbook contains 44 of Gordon's early songs like Clear Away in the Morning, Turning Toward the Morning, and Peter Kagan and the Wind.. Written for guitar and voice, complete with tablature, this is a must for all Gordon Bok fans who want to learn his songs as he wrote them.
$15.00 USD.

Gordon's latest release

Together Again For the First Time

Gordon Bok and Bob Zentz - Together Again For the First Time

"In late March 1979, Gordon and I were on an odyssey of exploration, friendship, teaching, and learning. We tried to create a blueprint of the mystical 'business' called 'music', but in reality, you can’t distill what we do down to a formula... it's more like alchemy of old, lost to time but alive in our imagining.

Two old friends are now privileged to revisit it again in our later years. As the saying goes, you had to be there... but if you weren't, you can be now."

                          ~Bob Zentz, 2017

To order, browse the albums below by clicking on "view albums" in each category. Click "Read more" for individual album details, song lists, and samples. We accept all major credit cards, or if you prefer, you can print out an order form and send it to us with a check. If you'd like to carry any of these albums and books in your store, please contact us for wholesale prices. Thanks for supporting independent artists!

Timberhead Music albums

Helen Schneyer

What a Singing There Will Be  

What a Singing There Will Be
Helen Schneyer's final album prior to her passing on July 16, 2005. More »


Please note: We are not selling/shipping merchandise to residents of the UK at this time due to the new VAT requirements.

Bob Stuart

Morningtown Ride  

Morningtown Ride
“Soon after my first grandchild Otto was born in 2012 I felt the need to make a CD for him to help at bedtime... So I worked out some songs and wrote a few more and it was such a wonderful collection that I decided to put it out there in the world." More »


Please note: We are not selling/shipping merchandise to residents of the UK at this time due to the new VAT requirements.

Featured folks music album

One to Sing,  One to Haul
One to Sing, One to Haul
By Gordon Bok
A lovely songbook of traditional and recent compositions—his and others'—accompanied by poems, illustrated by Gordon's woodcarvings and drawings, and each work introduced with care, like a good friend. 120 pages. Even if you don't read music, this book makes an excellent keepsake for Gordon Bok fans. <br><br>

You'll get the songbook <a href="http://www.timberheadmusic.com/detail.html?id=69" target="new">Hey Rain!</a> free if you purchase Gordon's two songbooks <a href="http://www.timberheadmusic.com/detail.html?id=67" target="new">One to Sing, One to Haul</a> and <a href="http://www.timberheadmusic.com/detail.html?id=68" target="new">Time and the Flying Snow</a> at the same time. View details

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